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Spore is the bi-monthly magazine of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). CTA operates under the Cotonou Agreement between the countries of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group and the European Union and is financed by the EU. © CTA 2015 – ISSN 1011-0054



Michael Hailu


Chairman of the editorial board

Stéphane Gambier


Coordination of the editorial board

Anne Legroscollard


Editorial board

Krishan Bheenick, Isolina Boto, Juan Cheaz, Thierry Doudet, Vincent Fautrel, Philippe Lhoste, Andrew Shepherd, Tarikua Woldetsadick



Thérèse Burke


Editorial staff

Executive editor: Joshua Massarenti (Vita Società Editoriale S.p.A.), Via Marco d'Agrate 43, 20139 Milano • Italy

Editor of French version: Bénédicte Chatel (CommodAfrica),
12, avenue de Wagram, 75008 Paris • France

Editor of English version: Susanna Thorp (WRENmedia Ltd)
Fressingfield, Eye, Suffolk, IP21 5SA • UK

Editor of Portuguese version: Ricardo Bordalo, Tapada da Carvalha, Cabanões, São João de Lourosa, 3500 – 885 Viseu, Portugal



The following contributed to Spore 176

N Ackbarally (Mauritius), O Alawode (Nigeria), M Andriatiana (Madagascar), B Bafana (Zimbabwe), B H Carreon (Palau), S Diarra (Mali), K A Domfeh (Ghana), O Issa (Niger), J Karuga (Kenya), M A Konte (Senegal), M Makoni, (South Africa), A Matho (Cameroon), C Mkoka (Malawi), S Mubuguah (Kenya), S Norte (Mozambique), E Ntungwe (Cameroon), P Sawa (Kenya), A Silva (Mozambique), L Smith (Trindad & Tobago)


Other contributors

N Brynaert, S Federici, J Francis, A Guillaume-Gentil, ISO Translation & Publishing, D Juchault, D Manley, F Mantione, A Perrin, M Protz, C Pusceddu, J Summers, Tradcatts, G Zati


Layout, design and printing

Design: Intactile DESIGN, France
Layout: Lai-momo, Italy
Printer: Latimer Trend & Company, UK

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