Consumer choices are driving demand for rabbit meat, creating new opportunities for Kenyan farmers. According to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, more than 200,000 kg of rabbit meat is now sold each year. The average rabbit farmer earns more than US$5 (€3.68) per kg of meat.The major buyers of rabbit products are five-star hotels, restaurants, supermarket chains and butchers. Director of Agriculture Dr Wilson Songa says that the government has started to make loans available to farmers wanting to start rabbit farms. “The demand for rabbit meat has been on a steady increase. We thought as a government, giving loans to farmers would be a good way of promoting this vibrant sector. Already, there are regional export markets for the products”, he said.

With the integration of the East African community, Kenyan farmers are exporting more than 80,000 kg annually to Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Rabbit meat is white and considered healthier than red meat. It is low-fat, easily digestible and has a relatively low content of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, making it increasingly popular with consumers.

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