Packaging changes everything

BR-BU_honey.jpgMadagascar honey packed in a glass jar. © S Georgiev

Jars improve product presentation and improve sales

Since 2010, Malagasy fruit and vegetable processors and honey producers have been promoting their products by packaging them in jars. With better presentation, the products sell better. “Now, we sell 6 t in a year compared with 1 t before,” says the president of the Regional Network of Beekeeper Associations. Before, honey was sold in reused plastic bottles or in large bowls. The current challenge is making the jars available in rural areas, which is now being tackled under the PROSPERER programme, which supports rural micro-businesses and regional economies.

The programme aims to promote systematic use of standardised packaging, to allow producers to expand their markets and ultimately generate additional revenue. Producers receive training in entrepreneurial skills, and technical supervision in adhering to storage, packaging and hygiene standards. To date, over 2,220 micro-businesses have been supplied with jars. With the creation of a producers’ network and a collaboration and support platform, people in rural areas can be supplied with other types of packaging in order to better meet consumers’ needs.

BR-BU_jars.jpg Jars used to package jam and green peppers © Mediascope

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