GOB_ctas_30th_anniversary.jpgCTA Director, Michael Hailu, cuts the cake to mark the launch of CTA’s 30th Anniversary © CTA

CTA is celebrating its 30th birthday. Thirty years of service to ACP rural communities! Thirty years of working to promote the agricultural development, food security and welfare of small producers.

CTA was created 30 years ago under the Lomé Convention, signed between ACP countries and the European Union (EU). Initially, its main activity was disseminating information. Although this continues to be a significant portion of its activities, CTA later developed programmes aimed at promoting political dialogue, the development of agricultural value chains and the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Funded by the EU, CTA has always sought to obtain tangible and measurable results in the field, especially in terms of food security, poverty reduction and improving living conditions for small producers. To achieve this, it has supported numerous farming organisations, formed partnerships with the main development stakeholders and has consistently supported political institutions and universities in ACP countries. Even today, CTA continues to strengthen its links with agricultural organisations, government agencies, research networks, youth and women’s groups, and numerous private sector companies. The aim is to create value and achieve a sustainable transformation of the agricultural sector. 

So, we’ve got some pretty ambitious people at CTA! We are also convinced that, despite the modest size of our organisation, we can make a difference. Moreover, it is not by chance that we have been trailblazers in numerous fields. For example, it was CTA’s initiative to launch the Question-and-Answer service in 1985. This service allows planners, researchers, trainers and extension workers in ACP countries to receive expert advice on the various issues they encounter. Our selective dissemination of information project, launched in 1988, allowed us to provide numerous beneficiaries with updated bibliographic information free of charge, taken from the most appropriate agricultural databases. Documents listed in bibliographies (articles in periodicals, reports, minutes of meetings) could be ordered as part of this project. 

CTA is also strongly committed to promoting the adoption and appropriate use of ICTs. In 2008, we launched a Web 2.0 introductory training programme. The success of this activity, which also tackled social media, continues, and even today the interest and enthusiasm of participants is such that although it was initially fully funded by the centre, the majority of the costs are now covered by the participants themselves or by partners. 

The renowned Spore magazine, the Brussels Development Briefings, our catalogue of publications, our international conferences and numerous other support programmes (e.g. participatory mapping, knowledge management platforms) have made CTA an essential stakeholder and partner of choice for any institution involved in agricultural and rural development.

This is why we are pleased to invite you to follow our ‘Knowledge is...’ campaign throughout the year which celebrates the power of knowledge in responsible and sustainable development. Through it, you can find out more about our actions and philosophy. You could also become one of our partners.

For more information, visit: http://tinyurl.com/pua2uhg

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